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March 2018

Pets Photo Contest Winner Announced!

Pets Photo Contest

Our "Pets Photo Contest" yet again proved that the pets in the South Country area are the cutest around! There were so many amazing photos! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo. If you didn't have a chance to submit a photo for this contest, don't worry. We'll have a brand new themed contest coming soon and we hope that you'll participate! So please hold your new photo submissions until then.

Pamela Lerner

We'd like to congratulate Amy F. Thomas for submitting the winning photograph! Amy has won this beautiful gift basket from Pamela Lerner Home & Design. The basket includes: The Bellport Candle, The Bellport Room Spray and Bellport Napkins (total prize package value, $60). This unisex fragrance is loved by all and is an Pamela Lerner Home & Design exclusive!

Click here to see all of our past photo contest winners.

Medicare Cap Repealed

Medicare Cap Repealed

We have Dr. Gary Welch, owner of Spectrum Physical Therapy, to thank for the following information.

After two decades of discussion and negotiations, the Medicare Cap on therapy was permanently repealed as part of the budget deal Congress and the President recently signed into law. The 2-year funding deal includes a full repeal of the Cap on Medicare outpatient physical therapy, occupational, and speech-language pathology services.

For 21 years the Therapy Cap threatened to undermine the health and quality of life of millions of Medicare beneficiaries. Physical therapy practitioners were faced with the possibility of denying services to those who needed them. “Millions of vulnerable patients who need occupational, physical and speech-language therapy will now be protected from an arbitrary limit on how much Medicare will pay for needed therapy,” said Nancy LeaMond, AARP’s executive vice president and chief advocacy and engagement officer.

The repeal came just as some beneficiaries were beginning to hit the $2,010 Therapy Cap for the year. Because of the Cap, more than a million beneficiaries would have been at risk of losing access to essential outpatient Medicare Part B therapy services.

Be sure to pass this on to family members and friends who are in need of Medicare services!

Please click for more information about Spectrum Physical Therapy.

Theater Party Fundraiser for the Pilot Club of Patchogue

Pilot Club

On Sunday, March 4th, The Pilot Club of Patchogue held a Theater Party Fundraiser at Theater Three in Port Jefferson. A Hot Luncheon and Basket Raffle was held followed by a performance of the musical, "Nunsense." Nunsense is an outrageous musical comedy about the Little Sisters of Hoboken putting on a fundraiser. This fundraiser helps support the Pilot Club of Patchogue's community service projects.

Pilot Club

Pilot Club

New South Country Radio Performance: "The Life of Riley- Simon the Waiter"

South Country Radio

If you’re wise enough to remember The Life of Riley – a smile is now transforming your face and you can’t wait to press play on this screen! Playcrafters Theatre Company and are proud to present our 3rd installment of South Country Radio – a classic comedy that transcends its 71 years and is still relevant today. Click here for more information.

New Inlet Update

New Inlet Update

Charlie Flagg sent us his latest report from his recent flight over the new inlet. Click here for more information.

Flooding at the Dock After the Recent Storm

Flooded Dock

Thanks, Robert R. Clock for sending us your photo of the dock after our recent storm.

February 2018

Camp Upton: A Talk and Book Signing by Suzanne Johnson

Camp Upton

Camp UptonOn Saturday, February 24th, the Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society held a Talk and Book Signing for Suzanne Johnson, Co-Author of Camp Upton, a new book about the history of Camp Upton right here on Long Island where Brookhaven Lab now stands.

Work began on Camp Upton in September of 1917 and it opened in December of 1917. The Camp is named for General Emory Upton of Civil War fame.

In preparation for WWI, Camp Upton housed 40,000 soldiers and you could hear 26 different languages being spoken at the camp. The site was chosen because of its proximity to NY City and rail lines. Originally called “Camp Long Island,” the name was soon changed to Camp Upton.

In preparation for WWI, training was conducted in hand-to-hand combat as well as tanks and dealing with barbed wire and gas attacks. The “trenches,” which were dug in order to train for trench warfare, can still be found on the grounds of Brookhaven Lab. At one time, 15,000 mules and horses, used for pulling artillery pieces, were housed on the site.

Famed song writer Irving Berlin, was drafted in 1918 and was sent to Camp Upton. It is said that in order to entertain the troops and gain a promotion, Irving Berlin wrote the play Yip Yip Yaphank which featured the song, Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning.

After the war, the troops returned to Camp Upton to be “demobilized” and then sent home. The Camp was reactivated for WWII, but on a smaller scale. The camp was used as an “internment” camp for approximately 250 German, Italian, and Japanese aliens during WWII as well as for 500 prisoners of war. In 1947, the camp became Brookhaven National Lab which sits on this historic site today.

The presentation was very well attended and as always, BBHS President, Joan Kaelin, provided an outstanding array of refreshments. The next special event will be a presentation, “The Manhattan Project From Los Alamos to Brookhaven National Lab” on Saturday, March 31st. These programs are Free for BBHS members and Guests are only $15 each, including refreshments.

Camp Upton

Camp Upton

January 2018

Scootering in Bellport


Thanks, Roger Baker for sending us your photo and note about ice boating in Bellport (or lack thereof!)

Well boys & girls,

Yes it was 9 years ago when we last went scootering on Bellport Bay. Arianna Baker, Rachel Pokorny and members of the ODU sailing team made the trip up for some hard water sailing. We were almost there this year, till the Thursday blizzard did us in. Still a couple of weeks to go, so there is hope. As you know Bellport is the self-proclaimed "Home of the Scooter" and will welcome the opportunity for us to return to the ice at the end of the dock or along the Village shores!

Roger Baker


Snow Photos




We'd like to thank Jennifer Vorbach for sending us her photos from the recent snowfall!

The Om-en Gratitude Party at Café Castello


Here’s a really nice story. The band, Om-en, often plays in and around Bellport. They wanted to celebrate the end of their year so they threw a “Gratitude” party for their fans, friends, and the rest of the Bellport community at Café Castello on Main Street in Bellport Village. The party was held on December 30th and featured free food and live music for everyone who attended.

Om-en is a talented group of spiritually connected souls sharing the positive message and energy of their original songs. They say 100% of any monies they are paid for their performances is donated by the band for the prevention of teenage suicide, a wonderful cause.

The band’s unusual name, Om-en, is derived from the sound and spiritual symbol “Om” and its members include John Sparling lead songwriter, rhythm guitarist and lead and backup vocals, lead vocalist, 18 year old, Shannon Gibbons, Peter Dillon on bass, Brian Sagerstrand, percussionist, and Kim Townsend and Adam Roe are the band’s lead guitarists.

Although a couple of inches of snow fell on December 30th in the Village, it didn’t dampen the fun or enthusiasm everyone in the band and in the audience. Naturally, as is always the case, the food served at the Gratitude Party by Café Castello was outstanding.


Ice at HOG Farm


We'd like to thank Jane Tierney for sending us this neat photo of ice at the HOG Farm in Brookhaven.